Rapid response by the Kenya Navy and Kenya Ports Authority on Thursday averted an ecological disaster after stabilising an oil tanker that was listing at the Mombasa port.

The 6.30 am sent the Port of Mombasa into a state of panic after the Monrovian flagged vessel started
listing at the Mbaraki wharf.

It’s understood that the vessel is carrying 35,000 metric tonnes of diesel.

Fears of ecological disaster has gripped Kenya as an oil tanker listed in the Indian Ocean off the coastal city of Mombasa, news agencies reported. Officials confirmed on Thursday that the Monrovian flagged MV Voge Trust vessel started listing dangerously at the Likoni Channel of the Mombasa port. Eyewitnesses said the vessel which was approaching the port of Mombasa at about 0400 GMT tilted heavily to one side, sparking fears of an ecological disaster.

“The ship was headed for the KOT to deposit oil when it developed technical challenges in the middle of the channel way, but we have managed to contain the situation,” Authorities said.

Eye witnesses say the vessel tilted heavily to one side as it approached the port. They saw smoke coming from the rear of the ship. Crews on the ship immediately dropped anchor to avert further listing.