Livestock shipment is not a new way of shipping. Livestock vessel started plying International water even before 1600's.

Seagoing vessels modified or purpose-built for the transportation of live animals. This are called Livestock Carriers. But subject to appropriate regulation, live animals may be transported as part of the cargo on various classes of ship. That particular method of transportation is more common on short sea crossings (e.g. ferries) and usually involves relatively small numbers of animals. Livestock carriers are those ships, which specialise exclusively in the transportation of large numbers of live animals together with their requirements for the voyage. (food, water, sawdust bedding, medication, etc.). Voyages on livestock carriers generally last from three days to three to four weeks.

Livestock shipment from Africa is gaining momentum to countries in the Middle East especially Mauritius, Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. Some other countries like Egypt and Mauritius have high demand for Livestock used for meat processing and export.

Mombasa Port is currently a potential for Livestock shipment. Kenya has a high volume of livestock equivalent to 20 Million animals.

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