The Government of Kenya Ministry of Transport is seeking to to revive The Kenya National Shipping Line which has been dormant for many years.
It says, it has plans to revive the Kenya National Shipping Line (KNSL) that has the potential to contribute over 3 billion U.S. dollars into the country’s economy annually, a government official said on Sunday.

Kenya's State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said the shipping line is expected to create an average of 3,000 job opportunities for youth in the first year, and thereafter progressively increase to 6,000 in five years.

"This administration has invested billions of shillings in this region to build or improve security, infrastructure and general service delivery, with the simple goal of uplifting the lives of residents in an inclusive way," he told journalists in Mombasa.

Esipisu said negotiations are at an advanced stage for the exit of foreign shareholders who have expressed desire to cease working with KNSL, due to KNSL having become a parastatal.

The revival of the shipping line is expected to return Kenya to its historical place as a rich seafaring nation with highly respected seafarers. The shipping line has been dormant for decades.

Esipisu said the plan which is being rolled out by the State Department of Maritime and Shipping Affairs, is part of the government’s wider plan to boost the economy of the coast region as well as that of the whole country.